Kwabena Osei is a Ghanaian born. He has dedicated all his life for self-discovery and to understand what nature, man and the creation are. And with a divine gift, he shares ideas with various people. He mainly helps those seeking truth and self discovery not by someone’s dictates and theories. It is an individual sacred journey for self- discovery to acclaim the great light which is not something one must give to you but each and every individual’s birth right freely given by the Supreme Mother Nature. The only truth that is authentic is knowing yourself to reach a higher pedigree of divinity. Then you will be able to discover all the mystery wind that blows continually around you, and be present as well as awakened. Then, you will hear and understand the message of Nature. And you will not need a day-dreamer or a blind man with theories to show you who God is and likewise dictate to you how you must live your life. Just understand that, each and everyone is created authentic. No one can create a paradise on earth for you. Rather the key to your success or the paradise is in your own hands. May he who gives glory unto all nations pour his shower of blessings unto the Souls of those who favour my righteous cause and seeking truth and freedom from darkness. And may the entire creation and every tongue bless the name of the power that is behind Creations.


Peace and Love.

Kwabena Osei.