The Pretty Orphan

by kwabena Osei , 2018
A marriage or a relationship is not like a mere hot soup to be tasted and be dumped into a garbage can when freezing.

Love unconditionally, else, false love with its cover-cloth of jealousy, fear and protectionism will make you wonder with nightmares of the ghost of deception.

A wonder mind with doubts in marriage is self-creating hurdles that eventually give birth to destruction.  The mystery wind of love blows in its own directions. We can be coincidentally found ourselves in the arms of a lover whose nature and character may perhaps be a contradictory to our life’s style.

When there is a will, alike, when unconditional love and trust reign supreme, there is always a possibility for a successful marriage………..




Poems and Guides for the Journey of Life

by kwabena Osei , 2016
Wisdom is mankind’s light and guidance in turbulence situations and circumstances created by negativity and its captive agents.

Wisdom enables us to distinguish between good and evil. The unconditional acceptance of a neighbor for mutual understanding and respect that obviously creates heavenly environmental  is driven by the power of love and wisdom.

We learn every moment in situations and circumstances that confront us daily to accumulate wisdom. Both good and bad people are great teachers to mankind.

If you refuse to learn, in some scenarios, your ignorance misleads you to an awkward situation whereby, the only possibility to liberate yourself is to learn.

This precious book; ‘Poems and Guides for the Journey of Life’ is of much significant to mankind. It endows mankind with wisdom. It enables mankind to live in peace and harmoniously with Mother Nature and its Creations……



The Wings of Love Volume 2

by kwabena Osei , 2016

wings2orderThe world will be safer and a paradise, if mankind learns to live with its innocence.

Unconditional love is the cover cloth of the innocence.

Instead of mankind to swim in the romantic lake of unconditional love for the discovery of the hidden paradise bewitching marriage and relationships; lack of awareness, mankind is swimming in the dirty
gutters of false love, creating its own worst nightmares.

Engaging in marriages, love and sex relationships with the ego’s mindless love tantamount to creating a timing bomb for your destruction. False love nourishes us with the bread of sorrows. Prior to selfishness, mankind has embraced the ego’s mindless love as the simple way of life. Individual’s nuts have transformed love and sex meant to be a divine gift into a merchandise commodity.

Since love and sex became a merchandise commodity to be purchased and being manipulated by wealth, unconditional love has been buried under the great oceans surrounding the mother earth. False love is the major contributor to the atrocities caused in the name of love………..




The Gun under Roses

by kwabena Osei , 2015

It is worthless to offer your life as a ransomed sacrifice in the name of false love. False love nourishes us with the bread of sorrows. It is the spiritual sophisticated weaponry instituted within mankind for mass destruction by the devil.

False love is nothing, but ‘the Gun under Roses.’ All the atrocities caused in the name of love are the attribute of false love. To be engaged in marriage, love and sex relationships with the Ego’s mindless tantamount to sitting on a timing bomb. Alike, any ideology by which initially, love is its manipulated language and eventually results in counter-productive and hatred is classified as ‘the Gun under Roses.

This lovely book, ‘The Gun under Roses’ is of much significant to the human race. It highlights mankind, how to distinguish between the killer false love and the true love that nourishes us with the bread of life. Natural love creates no miseries. ‘We live, but once.’ Life is very precious. We are born free, but lack of awareness we sell our freedom to false love to be incarcerated. It is better to be awakened before making a life time commitment in marriage, love and sex relationships………..




The Love Sailing Boat

by kwabena Osei , 2015

theloveorderLet us talk about love. Love is the universal language. Love is freedom of expression. The unconditional acceptance of a neighbour for mutual understanding and respect is through the power of love. Love is the ultimate power and the source of the universal energy. Love is life. Love beautifies life. The living hell into which humanity has been condemned can be transformed into an absolute paradise through the power of love.

This lovely book; “The love Sailing Boat” is meant to highlight mankind’s short coming regardless of the causes and the effects of the deceptions in life, marriage, love and sex relationships. It creates awareness. It guides us to avoid repetition of our mistakes in life, marriage, love and sex relationships.

Making choices in the state of unawareness always lead us to regrettable moments in the end. We design our own path of suffering through wrong choices which are mainly engineered and driven by the Ego and the Mind.




The Prayers of Survival

by kwabena Osei , 2014

prayerorderThis prayer book, the prayers of survival, will eradicate all your fears. It will empower you to gain self confidence. Just say a prayer. Prayer is the only combatant force against the secret wars waged against us by the power of darkness and its human agents. The great father of all, whose loving-kindness endures forever, the most gracious and ever merciful one never shuts the door behind us. The Heaven door is widely open for us. The mighty forces who are obedient to the Holy one with the true identity from the Master of Creation with unconditional love are always ready to come to our aid for our rescue in all tribulations.

The prayers of survival will be of much help for spiritual growth. They will let you be by thyself, know thyself and you will not need any intermediary between you and your Great father, the Merciful and the most Gracious one. Again, the prayers will assist you to find the authentic path to reach our Creator God without depending on any human being.




The Wings of Love Volume 1

by kwabena Osei , 2013

wing1orderIt is insignificant to blame an imaginary devil for your woes and misery in your love relationship. The power of love is so real, natural and creates no misery, Rather, it is the mind we use to engage or enter into love and sex relationships, which constitutes our agonies and misery. The mind promises much but delivers nothing. We use the mind in our daily business activities. To love someone with the mind has its cornerstone. It reflects on why you are in love, when the cornerstone that dragged you to that love and sex relationship fades away, you will be totally empty. There will be no remains of love in you. The rest will be agonies and misery. When you find no logic and reason, and simply do not know why you are in love, that is a pure love from your closet or heart. And once there is a perfect unity, one heart, one mind, one love and dacing in the rythm of love and sex, all things are possible. Love and sex is a perfect and naturallove relationship is a spiritual divine gift.





Spiritual Poetry inspired by MOTHER NATURE

by kwabena Osei , 2012

When one is been robbed of all his properties by darkness, including his soul and all his entire life and family, he cannot fight darkness to reclaim all what he is being robbed. He is totally defeated because the power of darkness is stronger than him.

Sitting in limbo for someone to bail you from your misery, which you call it a miracle in a matter of a second is insignificant. What we should understand is driving a negative energy force out of the front door, another negative force enters through the window with an angelic appearance with sweet melody of the taste of music you would like to hear. So waiting and sitting in limbo and depending on someone to bail you , you are living in a fantasy world that consists of hallucinated clergies and day dreamers.

No one can create a paradise for you, rather it is you who hold the key to your freedom and eternity. When darkness steals all your properties and soul, just hang all your worries, just like one hangs his clothes on a wall. fight, cling to the universal light for we do look or search for our missing items in darkness with the light…….