The Wings of Love Volume 1

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It is insignificant to blame an imaginary devil for your woes and misery in your love relationship. The power of love is so real, natural and creates no misery, Rather, it is the mind we use to engage or enter into love and sex relationships, which constitutes our agonies and misery. The mind promises much but delivers nothing. We use the mind in our daily business activities. To love someone with the mind has its cornerstone. It reflects on why you are in love, when the cornerstone that dragged you to that love and sex relationship fades away, you will be totally empty. There will be no remains of love in you. The rest will be agonies and misery. When you find no logic and reason, and simply do not know why you are in love, that is a pure love from your closet or heart. And once there is a perfect unity, one heart, one mind, one love and dacing in the rythm of love and sex, all things are possible. Love and sex is a perfect and naturallove relationship is a spiritual divine gift.

It serves as finishing touches to crown the unification of two souls in oneness in existence. Its by-product is the multiplication of human race…….


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