The Pretty Orphan

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A marriage or a relationship is not like a mere hot soup to be tasted and be dumped into a garbage can when freezing. Love unconditionally, else, false love with its cover-cloth of jealousy, fear and protectionism will make you wonder with nightmares of the ghost of deception. A wonder mind with doubts in marriage is self-creating hurdles that eventually give birth to destruction. The mystery wind of love blows in its own directions. We can be coincidentally found ourselves in the arms of a lover whose nature and character may perhaps be a contradictory to our life’s style. When there is a will, alike, when unconditional love and trust reign supreme, there is always a possibility for a successful marriage. When two Angels of Love are thrown into a chaotic living hell, they can eventually transform such a chaotic living hell into a living paradise through the mystery power of Love.


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